Building and Scaling a Financial Crime Team

For almost every financial institution, the first step in fighting financial crime is to hire some experts and build an anti-financial crime program. Given the fundamental importance of getting this right, there is remarkably little guidance and advice on how to build and scale a financial crime team in an effective way.

This eBook is intended to provide Fintechs with guidance on how to effectively build and scale a financial crime team, and comes with real examples from some of the most successful Fintechs in the world, including Plaid, Blockchain, Monzo, Tide, Stripe and Varo.

In particular, the eBook covers:

  • Who to hire, and when,
  • The stages of a team’s development,
  • How to iterate as the team grows, and
  • Best practices for setting yourself up to scale quickly and compliantly.

“...the biggest benefit is really how quickly we can grow and scale now, because we did all the hard work to get this structure right”

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