Cable’s Partner Hub: Your Complete BaaS Compliance Platform

Regulatory scrutiny on BaaS has never been greater. With Cable’s Partner Hub, win the trust of regulators and stakeholders by easily showing the strength and effectiveness of your fintech financial crime risk management program

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“Integrating with Cable’s platform is fully in line with our vision of being a compliance-led, innovation-focused institution. Cable offers us enhanced visibility across and into each of our fintech programs, enabling us to respond promptly and appropriately to any issues or concerns and ultimately empowering us to move quicker and offer a superior end-to-end experience for our fintech partners.”

Nigel Prince

Senior Vice President, Partnerships, Ventures & Delivery

What is Cable's Partner Hub?

Automated Risk Assessment

With Cable’s Partner Hub, you can deploy Cable’s Automated Risk Assessment to all of your fintech partners – giving you a uniform, standardized financial crime risk assessment for every fintech partner.

Groundbreaking automation automatically integrates your fintechs’ risk assessments into your own risk assessment, so you can precisely understand each fintech's impact on your own risks.

World-first connectivity in Cable’s Automated Risk Assessment means that fintechs’ and banks’ risk assessments automatically update based on Cable’s automated controls monitoring. With a completely up-to-date understanding of risks, your compliance team will be empowered to make their best data-driven decisions.

Partner Document Exchange

Easily manage fintech document requests and information exchanges entirely within Cable’s Partner Hub.

No more manual checklists, emails, or confusion about  documents from fintechs. Cable makes onboarding seamless for both partner banks and fintechs, letting your compliance team focus their energy on managing risks.

Partner Company Profile

Collect and store essential company information for each fintech partner in Cable's Partner Hub.

With a customizable, easy-to-use profile for each fintech, you can quickly find and leverage critical data for each fintech and get rid of manual forms and struggles to find key information.

Automated Assurance

Don’t be blindsided by hidden issues. Monitor every one of your fintech partners' end user accounts and controls with 100% real-time coverage in Cable’s platform. Know immediately about any regulatory breaches or control failures at any fintech partner as soon as they occur.

Streamlined issue tracking and collaboration tools in Cable’s platform let you quickly work together with your fintech partners to address any compliance problems right away.

Quality Assurance

Implement thematic reviews or other custom testing across your fintech partners more quickly and efficiently with Cable’s Partner Hub. Eliminate data challenges in gathering customer information from fintechs by automating all of the time-intensive data gathering and analysis processes.

Use Cable to gather samples and analyze data for each fintech in a fraction of the time, and free up more resources to manage your risks better.

Management Information & Reporting

With all of Cable’s tools connected in a single platform, your compliance team gets automatic, comprehensive, advanced reporting and analytics, so you know at any time what is happening across your entire fintech portfolio.

Easily show how well your compliance program is operating by using Cable to generate reports and other metrics for regulators, Board meetings, or other stakeholders.


Simple and flexible pricing that scales with your business.

Onboarding Downstream Fintechs?

Cable is Built to Scale with You

Cables Risk Assessment seamlessly scales as your business and programs do. Easily upgrade to our end-to-end Financial Crime Risk Assessment, which enables Partner Banks and BaaS Platforms to seamlessly onboard, assess, and integrate fintech partners’ financial crime risks into their own risk assessments.

With Cable’s suite of products, you are fully equipped to satisfy intensifying regulatory expectations for bank-fintech oversight and risk management. Contact us or schedule a demo to learn more.

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