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We are mission-driven, passionate, financial crime fighters

We care deeply about making a difference in the world by reducing the amount of financial crime that goes unhindered.

When we work, we try our hardest to follow this Operating System:

Be Kind

  • Being kind makes people feel included, and by including all types of people we will build better products and have a greater chance of achieving our mission
  • Being kind creates an environment in which people want to stay, enabling us to build the best team over the long term

Make Transparent Decisions

  • Seeing how decisions are made builds trust between people, allowing them to feel safe, do their best work and ultimately succeed at Cable
  • Making transparent decisions builds context and helps everyone feel like true owners of the company

Communicate Clearly

  • Clear communication saves time and avoids confusion
  • Spending the time to communicate clearly means we are spending the time to think clearly, which will help us achieve better outcomes

Remain Curious

  • We have a big, bold mission, and to achieve it we must remain curious about the problem, and all the possible solutions
  • Individuals and the team become better if each person respects and nurtures their curiosity

Aim to Improve

  • Our mission is long term, and to achieve it we need to always be improving, individually, and as a company
  • We will face many challenges, and if we believe we have all the answers today, we will never overcome them

Our team is made up of experienced crime fighters and exceptional operators

Natasha Vernier

Co-Founder, CEO

Katie Savitz


Ioanna Vlahou

Data Lead

Patt-tom McDonnell

Lead Engineer

Daniel Lewis

Frontend Engineer

Cesar Garcia


James Greenaway

Frontend Engineer

Serban Marti

Backend Engineer

Benedetta Arinci

Fullstack Engineer

José Antunes

Data Engineer

Nick Stride

Data Engineer

Kamile Gaurilcikaite

Data Analyst

Valerie Priven

Business Operations Manager

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