Our mission is to reduce financial crime

More than $4 trillion is laundered every year globally, but we catch less than 1% of it.

Financial crime impacts everybody, everyday. For example, 4 in every 1000 people are in modern slavery, and the ill-gotten gains of these and other crimes are laundered through the international financial system.

By any measure, current anti-financial crime efforts aren’t effective enough.

We have an operating system which drives how we work with customers, partners and each other. Instead of just listing out some values, it gives clear guidance on what behaviours we think can drive the right outcomes.

Be kind

Being kind makes people feel included, and by including all types of people we will build better products and have a greater chance of achieving our mission.

Being kind creates an environment in which people want to stay, enabling us to build the best team over the long term.

Make transparent decisions

Seeing how decisions are made builds trust between people, allowing them to feel safe, do their best work and ultimately succeed at Cable.

Making transparent decisions builds context and helps everyone feel like true owners of the company.

Communicate clearly

Clear communication saves time and avoids confusion.

Spending the time to communicate clearly means we are spending the time to think clearly, which will help us achieve better outcomes.

Making sure that everyone is able to understand all of the information and context will help us make better decisions.

Aim to improve

We have a big, bold mission, and to achieve it we must remain curious and be willing to improve, as individuals and as a company.

Individuals and the team become better if each person respects and nurtures their curiosity.

We will face many challenges, and if we believe we have all the answers today, we will never overcome them.

Empower through responsibility

It enables us to have a positive impact on those we have responsibility for: our customers, colleagues, and the community.

We can build stronger relationships that help us make better decisions.

It empowers our colleagues to achieve our mission.

Join our mission

We've designed a set of benefits for our team that tries to help everyone live by the Operating System, recognizing the different ways that people live and work. Because our team is fully remote, we regularly review and refresh these benefits and we’ve worked hard to ensure that they provide real value, no matter where our team is located.

Time off

  • 25 days of paid holiday per year
  • An additional day off for your birthday
  • The public holidays in the country in which you live
  • The last Friday of every month off, which we call “Cable Unplugged”
  • Generous parental leave for both primary and secondary carer, which we think you’ll struggle to find better elsewhere
  • Sick days and compassionate leave as needed


  • Generous salary and equity, with reviews twice a year for performance and market matching, and annually for inflation
  • Life insurance
  • £50 worth of credits per month through our partner Juno, which you can spend on their thousands of providers on the platform, or expense back for prior purchases

Learning and development

  • £1,000 per year (or equivalent in your local currency) learning budget
  • Monthly exploration days dedicated to learning


  • £750 per year (or equivalent in your local currency) remote work set-up budget
  • Nintendo Switch

In person meetups

  • We get together every quarter for a week somewhere one of our teammates lives to plan, bond, and have fun together
Data Analyst, Onboarding
Remote / Can work UK hours
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Senior Data Engineer, Integrations
Remote / Can work UK hours
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Senior Platform Engineer
Remote / Can work UK hours
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If you don’t see something that fits your profile, but you are excited by our mission and want to join us, please email [email protected]

Meet the team

Natasha Vernier

Co-Founder, CEO

Katie Savitz

Co-Founder, CPO

Ioanna Vlahou

Head of Data

Pat-tom McDonnell

Senior Engineer

James Greenaway

Senior Frontend Engineer

Serban Marti

Senior Engineer

Benedetta Arinci

Fullstack Engineer

José Antunes

Data Engineer

Nick Stride

Data Engineer

Valerie Priven

Business Operations Manager

Stefan Pruna

Software Engineer

Amanda Firth

Head of People

Tomasz Szwakopf

Product Manager

Jonathan Wong

Product Marketing Manager

Yannis Lionis

Head of Engineering

Julian Brophy

Sales Lead

Najma Bader

Data Engineer

Cristina Tarantino

Software Engineer

Josh Brown

Head of Operations and Finance

Janet Chaing

Customer Success Manager