The leader in automated
financial crime assurance

Why manually test 100 accounts when you can automatically monitor 100%?

Compliance Officers - you are the true superheroes, and for too long you have been underserved by technology.

That changes now.

Anything less than full monitoring of controls leaves room for error - finally you can do away with manual dip sampling. Cable provides automated evidence of your compliance, risk management and effectiveness.

Crime fighters, meet your new best friend!

If you're a
Fintech or Bank

Cable automatically monitors all of your AML/BSA controls

If you're a Partner Bank or BaaS platform

Cable automatically monitors the AML/BSA controls at all of your fintech programs

  • Save money by eliminating expensive remediation projects and optimising your controls using real data.
  • Save time by automating reports and having all monitoring and testing of controls in one easily searchable place.
  • Improve stakeholder communication by finally knowing the actual size and details of any financial crime issue.
  • Have complete oversight of your portfolio of fintechs or clients, by monitoring 100% of their controls 100% of the time.
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory fines by knowing about regulatory breaches or control failures immediately.
  • Redeploy your people to higher value areas like investigating accounts or improving controls, rather than dip sampling.
  • Have 100% assurance that your controls are working, and know about regulatory breaches, control failures and financial crime risks in real time.
  • Scale compliantly and with confidence with no need to grow your team as you grow your business or portfolio.

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