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companies have incomplete/missing names for beneficial owners

Control EffectivenessKYB

1%50% increase month on month

customers have salaries over $200k


3.2%4% increase in last month

customers with IP addresses outside of their country of residency


11%11% increase in last 7 days

customers categorised as PEPs

Risk AppetitePEP


customer aged over 130



customers have not had an ongoing sanctions check in the last 30 days

Control EffectivenessSanctions

1050% decrease in last 3 months

customers with true positive adverse media hit in the last 3 months


2.3%9% increase in last 5 days

companies operating in Lithuania


11%8% increase in last 7 days

customers rated as high risk

Risk AppetiteCRA

Save time and money by automating the testing of your financial crime controls

Cable provides automated, independent effectiveness testing and assurance for your controls.

Compliance Officers – you are the true superheroes, and for too long you have been underserved by technology.

That changes now.

Crime fighters, meet your new best friend

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A revolutionary analytics model alerting you to control failures, risk appetite breaches and interesting trends, as soon as they happen

  • Real-time alerts about your financial crime risk

  • Clear prioritisation, focussing your attention where it matters most

  • No more relying on manual reviews to find the needle in the haystack. We analyse the entire haystack for you

Paper Trail

A complete log of all the effectiveness testing and assurance done on your financial crime controls

  • An auto-populated log, enabling you to demonstrate complete oversight of your controls

  • Manage, track and find your work, all in one tool

  • No more spreadsheets, no more to-do lists


An automated way to build reports with all the key context and data

  • Save time and money by automatically producing reports for your Board, Executive Committee or Regulators, from scratch or from pre-set templates

  • Include all the relevant data and communication at the touch of a button

  • No more manual report writing. Get back to stopping crime and let us do the boring stuff


A simple analytics tool allowing you to dive deeper into your data

  • Easily pull up data to find the trends that you are interested in

  • Understand the context behind alerts in one unified platform

  • No more need for data experts to help you find your own data

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