Data Security at Cable

Cable takes the safety and security of its customers’ data extremely seriously. This page outlines the practices and controls in place to ensure data security at Cable. For additional details please contact [email protected]

Please also refer to our Privacy Notice for information on how we handle personal data.

Infrastructure security

Cable’s services are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), benefitting from their industry leading security and resilience. Cable is SOC2 Type I certified, demonstrating our dedication to data security.

Data encryption

All sensitive and confidential data held by Cable is always encrypted at rest and in transit, using industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring its safety, integrity and confidentiality.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Cable follows strict guidelines and processes in its SDLC to ensure the integrity of any code changes. Security is in mind from the beginning of the software design process and an integral part of any architecture decisions. Software packages and container images are constantly automatically scanned for vulnerabilities. Automated test suites verify the suitability and backwards compatibility of changes. Deployment procedures require appropriate review and verification and are fully automated. Once deployed, monitoring and alerting are in place to identify and remediate any defects.

Cable also commissions annual independent penetration tests in order to identify weaknesses in its security setup and addresses any findings within the SLAs defined in our policies.

Incident management

Cable has a well defined incident response procedure. The appropriate response team is ready to triage, contain and remediate any reported defect or security concern. You can report incidents to [email protected].

Reporting issues and vulnerabilities

Any security issues or vulnerabilities discovered will be immediately investigated and addressed. Please refer to our Responsible Disclosure policy for more details.