Automated Assurance

Why manually test 100 accounts when you can automatically monitor 100%?

Anything less than full monitoring of controls leaves room for error. Automatically identify any regulatory breaches or control failures across all your accounts with Cable.

Whether you add 1 control or add 1,000 accounts, Cable is your central hub for complete automated controls monitoring as your business scales — and you won’t need to add more headcount. Say goodbye to manual dip sampling; say yes to growth with confidence in your compliance.

Enable growth

Grow faster and with more confidence knowing new controls have 100% testing coverage from Day 1

Immediate issue identification

Eliminate costly remediations and reduce scrutiny by finding regulatory breaches or control failures immediately

Do more with less

Deploy complete controls testing coverage without any additional headcount needs as you grow

Stakeholder assurance

Easily demonstrate your compliance program’s effectiveness to key stakeholders

Quality assurance

Next-level Quality Assurance is faster, easier, and automated

Most Quality Assurance processes don’t need human intervention, but these steps still cause headaches and frustration. With Cable’s platform, you can now automate and streamline all of these manual processes — from establishing sample parameters, running database queries, and pulling your sample to setting questions, logging answers, and analyzing results.

Spend your time and energy on the parts of Quality Assurance that actually require human review. Leave the rest to Cable.

Simplified testing

Reduce the set-up work for QA reviews to only a fraction of the typical time

Increased impact

Get automatic, report-ready statistics right after each QA review, and immediately focus on results

Complete visibility

Identify QA trends in a single, real-time metrics dashboard for all QA reviews

Expanded capacity

Gain freedom to conduct new or one-off reviews or move QA resources to maximize impact

Management Information and Reporting

Complete compliance information at your fingertips

Cable’s platform is your command center for monitoring and demonstrating your regulatory compliance and control effectiveness to stakeholders. Know what matters most and see the big picture by tying your compliance program together with Cable.

Easily identify and report on control and risk trends across each area of the financial crime framework, at any time. Or dig in for full insight into any regulatory breaches or control failures. All the information you need is immediately accessible with Cable.

Trend tracking

Identify and fix vulnerabilities before they grow to become costly remediation projects

Build trust

Show stakeholders how effective your compliance program is right now, and across time, with comprehensive data from Cable

Clear communication

Get stakeholder buy-in by providing the complete context for your compliance priorities

Painless reporting

Generate MI and reports in a snap using Cable’s ready-made charts and data

Automated Risk assessment

A first-of-its-kind, truly dynamic Financial Crime Risk Assessment

When used with our Automated Assurance product, your Automated Risk Assessment will automatically update based on the true efficacy of your controls. No more annual reviews or static spreadsheets.

Instead, get an always-up-to-date Risk Assessment to actually drive business priorities and impress stakeholders. Stop feeling like you’re sticking a finger in the air with risk assessments.

Driven by a thorough methodology based on guidance from regulatory and industry authorities, such as the Wolfsberg Group, FATF, JMLSG, FFIEC, and national risk assessments, and industry best practice.

Truly dynamic

Automatically update your risk assessment, without manual work, for any risk or control changes

Actions tracking

Use streamlined workflow tools to coordinate and record actions based on your risk assessment

Get smarter on risks

Reduce guesswork for risk identification and scoring and focus on risks that matter most

Stakeholder approval

Communicate and get sign-off easily from key stakeholders, and say yes more confidently to growth decisions

Partner Hub

Supercharge onboarding of your fintech programs

Automatically integrate your fintech programs’ risk assessments into your own risk assessment, and enjoy next-level risk insights and identification across all your fintech programs.

Onboard your fintechs efficiently with easy workflows to collect documents and information, review and approve risk assessments, and align on risks and controls with each fintech program.

Isn’t it time to put an end to your spreadsheet nightmare?

Meet regulatory requirements

Gain advanced tooling enabling you to manage fintech program risks as you scale

Close collaboration

Enhance your working relationship with fintech programs by quickly resolving risk concerns

Complete risk visibility

Know precise risks for each fintech program, and say yes more confidently to new partners

Seamless onboarding

Build your reputation for offering a smooth, user-friendly fintech onboarding process


From 1% to 100% - Automated transaction testing, zero manual effort.

Limitations of manual dip sampling creates risks, inefficiencies, and leaves room for error. Transaction Assurance stands as the first product of its kind, specifically designed to address the acute challenges financial institutions face in testing all transactions on their platform against financial crime compliance frameworks.

Organizations can now move away from outdated sampling methods, to testing the effectiveness of first-line controls with 100% coverage. Cable's comprehensive approach helps ensure control effectiveness and full adherence for transaction monitoring regulations, sanctions, SARs, and Travel Rule compliance.

Automated oversight

Ensures every transaction's compliance through unparalleled automated testing, eliminating manual errors and inefficiencies

Seamless integration

Works alongside existing tools, enhancing their efficacy and value without disruptive changes to your infrastructure

Real-time testing

Instantly identifies first-line control failures, allowing for swift resolution while minimizing remediation costs and time

Stakeholder assurance

Instills trust and confidence in your compliance program, minimizing risks, inspiring stakeholders and reduces operational costs