Gain the competitive advantage with cutting-edge compliance

Cable’s all-in-one platform gives you complete confidence in how well your controls are operating across all accounts, all the time. Stand out in a shifting regulatory landscape by investing in the best compliance tools with Cable.

Build trust with regulators and stakeholders through Cable’s cutting-edge compliance solutions, so you can say yes to achieving your mission.

Why Crypto companies
choose Cable

Continuous, comprehensive monitoring

Immediately identify any regulatory breaches, control failures, or risks across all your accounts with Cable’s Automated Assurance. Detect issues in real-time and fix them before they get out of hand. Assure stakeholders that your controls are not just in place, but operating effectively.

Advanced risk assessments built for today

Identify and manage risks better with Cable’s Financial Crime Risk Assessment, giving you auto-calculated, auto-updating risk and control ratings taking the guesswork out of evaluating risks. In a rapidly changing landscape, don’t rely on a manual spreadsheet - turn to Cable’s next-level risk assessment to keep up.

All the tech-enabled testing you need

Cable’s platform orchestrates and automates manual QA tasks from pulling samples, to setting up questions, to analyzing outcomes. Cable unlocks your full testing capabilities without burdening your team, so you can focus resources where they have the most impact.

Earn trust through compliance

At any time, you know exactly how well your controls are operating with Cable. Easily demonstrate your compliance to regulators and stakeholders by generating management information and reports in Cable’s platform, and build confidence in the strength of your compliance program.

“By leveraging the best-in-class, automated tools available in Cable’s platform, we can grow and serve our Web3 partners and customers more efficiently and with greater confidence in our regulatory compliance.”

Steven Eisenhauer

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Ramp