Confidence in your compliance

Cable’s platform gives you real-time assurance about all your controls, all the time. Know precisely how well your controls are operating before speaking with regulators or partner banks, and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your compliance program at any time.

With Cable, your compliance becomes a growth-enabler letting you say yes to scaling with confidence.

“Cable’s automated monitoring across our financial crime controls helps Yonder address any issues right away, meet our regulatory requirements, and focus on serving our members better.”

Theso Jivajirajah

Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, Yonder

Why Fintechs
choose Cable

No more manual monitoring

Cable’s Automated Assurance lets you automatically monitor 100% of your accounts, 100% of the time, so you know about any regulatory breaches, control failures, or risks as soon as they happen. Fix problems right away before they hurt your business, and confidently assure stakeholders of your compliance.

Next level risk readiness

Stop putting a finger in the air when it comes to your risks and say goodbye to spreadsheets! Easily assess your risks in Cable’s platform with auto-calculated, automatically updating risk and control ratings. Focus your attention on the risks that matter most with Cable.

Communicate your compliance

Generate full management information and reports for stakeholders in a snap with Cable’s platform. Cable lets you easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls to banks and regulators, so your compliance can supercharge your growth!

Testing without the trouble

Save time and headaches by automating manual QA testing with Cable. Use our platform for everything from pulling QA samples to analyzing outcomes, so you can concentrate on what it all means for your business. Cable even lets you unlock new testing capabilities without burdening your team!