Manage fintech programs with ease

Cable’s platform is your complete, integrated center for real-time oversight of all your fintech programs. Onboard new fintech programs faster and with more insight with Cable’s Direct Customer Risk Assessment, and leverage automated, real-time monitoring to ensure their regulatory compliance from day one.
Your fintechs enjoy a streamlined experience; you get to assure stakeholders of your regulatory compliance and confidently say yes to more fintech programs.

Want cutting-edge compliance tools purpose-built for Partner Banks to manage fintech programs?
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Why Partner Banks choose Cable

Immediately identify issues

Know about any regulatory breaches, control failures, or risks at your fintech programs as soon as they arise with Cable’s Automated Assurance. Stay in perfect lock-step with your fintech programs on the priority of issues and track them to completion.

Complete visibility over fintech programs

See what’s going on across all your fintech programs, or focus on what’s happening in a single program with Cable’s Org Switcher. All the information you need about your fintech programs made immediately accessible.

Better communication, less worry

Communicate directly with your fintech programs through Cable’s platform about any issues. Resolve concerns more quickly with clear communication channels and complete context about any problems.

Painless QA testing

Streamline quality assurance reviews for your fintech programs by letting Cable automate sampling, review criteria, analytics, and reporting for you. Let Cable handle the tedious busywork, freeing you and your fintech programs to focus on the issues that matter most.

“By using Cable, we can onboard our partners faster, have significantly greater oversight of their financial crime controls, provide a streamlined experience for our partners and give us greater assurance about our compliance.”

William Gonzalez

Executive Vice President & COO

“Frictionless onboarding for our customers is essential. Cable’s Direct Customer Risk Assessment lets us build a smooth and efficient onboarding experience and quickly address any issues.”

Alex Nash


“Integrating with Cable’s platform is fully in line with our vision of being a compliance-led, innovation-focused institution. Cable offers us enhanced visibility across and into each of our fintech programs, enabling us to respond promptly and appropriately to any issues or concerns and ultimately empowering us to move quicker and offer a superior end-to-end experience for our fintech partners.”

Nigel Prince

Senior Vice President, Partnerships, Ventures, & Delivery